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Nothing packs a punch of flavour like small, oil rich sardine fish, and with a host of nutritional benefits including Vitamin D and Omega 3, our hearts and tastebuds alike will thank us for getting them into our diet. We sell a range of canned sardines, so whether you prefer them smothered in tomato sauce, or served plain with a hint of olive oil, we’ve got your dinner needs covered.
Get creative with sardine recipes, sardines on toast for a quick snack, dinner sardine spaghetti or a light sardine salad.

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Ranging from 10- to 30cm in length, sardines are one of the smaller fish on the food chain. John West sardines are sourced in a variety of places, from local UK waters, to those of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Fishing season is limited to the months between April and December, ensuring the best texture and freshest flavour. Once on board, these small, oily fish are transported to a canning site, where the tinned sardines are packed up and sent on their journey to your home.

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From pasta sauces to warm salads, we’ve got a range of recipe ideas for your canned sardines.