Traditionally known as a ‘breakfast fish’, kipper fillets have long been popular in Northern European counties both as a standalone snack, and as a salty accompaniment to buttery scrambled eggs. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, kipper is a great oily fish to make a staple of your kitchen cupboard.

John West UK

How kipper gets from the sea to your plate

‘Kippers’ are actually herring fish that have been split from head to tail, gutted, and then salted or pickled to reduce water content. Our kippers are caught in the NE Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea, before being transported to a canning plant in Gniewino, Poland to be hand-packed and transported.


Not only are kippers low in calories, high in protein and swimming in omega-3 fatty acids, they are also a rich source of iron, an essential nutrient required for optimal health.

A Kipper is a whole herring that has been cured via a process called “kippering,” hence the name. They are split and then cold-smoked, which provides it with that mild, sweet and smoky flavour.