We revolutionised the nation’s mealtimes when we introduced canned tuna fish in 1952, and it’s still considered very much part of the family mealtimes today. With a naturally delicious flavour and a versatility that sees it included in everything from tuna pasta to sushi rolls, we predict that tuna meat will be a family favourite for many generations to come.

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Tracing Tuna Back to the Source

Tuna‘s natural habitat is in oceans all over the world, and so that’s where it’s fished for. John West is committed to sustainable fishing; our tuna caught using a range of different techniques, from purse seine nets, to pole and line, all of which meet the standards set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Once caught, the tuna (whether Skipjack, Yellowfin or Bigeye) is immediately put on ice or refrigerated, before being taken to port to be prepared, cooked and canned, and then sent on to your local store.

Delicious tuna recipes…

Tuna can be so much more than just salad topping mixed with mayo and sweetcorn. Find our full list of tuna recipes suggestions below.


Is John West canned tuna healthy? Yes it is. It’s packed with protein and is one of the healthiest canned fish you can eat. That’s why making it a regular part of your diet is a good idea, especially if you want to give your body the benefit of some real protein power. And with all the great things that protein does for us, who wouldn’t?

How much protein is in a tin of tuna?
Just one can of tuna contains at least 30 grams of protein. (They do make the additional recommendation that if you are trying for a baby or are pregnant, then you should eat no more than the equivalent of 4 cans of tuna a week.)

Tuna protein is much tastier than protein supplements
Protein is also a great natural muscle builder and can provide us with energy, so if you workout at the gym you might want to stick a can or two of our tuna in your kit bag. You’ll find it’s a whole lot tastier than protein supplement drinks and tablets.

A healthy lifestyle
So you see, putting on a pair of shorts and heading for a strenuous workout at the gym is not the only way of looking after yourself. Putting your feet up and tucking into a can of tuna is another. But seriously, exercise is important too, so don’t trust everything to tuna. You’ve got to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle at the same time. Just make sure that the protein power of tuna plays a part in it.

So much variety you’ll never get bored
And because tuna benefits our bodies in all sorts of good ways, John West want to make sure you can enjoy it in lots of great ways too. Not simply tuna chunks, flakes, steaks and slices in cans, but also tuna infused with herbs, smothered in exotic dressings and ready-to-eat Light Lunches.

You’ll also find plenty of healthy tuna recipes on our website, so click here to find out more. With the help of John West, tuna can be as varied and tasty as it is healthy.”

After a punishing 3 mile run or a strenuous workout at the gym, all you probably want to do is simply collapse on the sofa for a nice, long nap. But hang on, you can do that later. First things first, you need to quickly replenish your body with a snack that’s high in protein and carbohydrates. So don’t head for the lounge or bedroom after a workout, make for the kitchen instead.

Help your muscles recover and boost your blood sugar
Eating a snack within two hours of your workout will help your muscles to recover more quickly and raise your blood sugar levels. But of course it needs to be the right kind of snack. Munching on a bowlful of salad, for instance, sounds healthy enough but it won’t give you that vital energy kick of calories and nutrients. And at the other extreme, indulging in a bacon sandwich won’t do the trick either, because it’s high in fat and salt and likely to undo a lot of your effort. Instead, take a tip from John West and turn to our Tuna. It’s the perfect post workout food, even if we do say so ourselves.

Protein and carbs, a great combination
The great thing about John West Tuna is that it’s not only succulent and tasty, but it’s also a high protein fish. Which is why our tuna after a workout is such a good idea, especially when you combine it with some carbohydrates and make it work even harder. And here’s a couple of easy ways you can do exactly that:

A simple, after gym tuna sandwich
Before your gym bag has hit the floor, you can rustle up a quick and convenient snack with a can of our less fuss, less mess, No Drain Tuna. Just sandwich the tuna straight from the can between two slices of whole-grain bread, then add a squeeze of lemon juice, a dash of black pepper and two or three wafer thin slices of cucumber. Simple, wholesome, delicious.

A zesty little tuna pasta salad
With a little more time and effort, you can put together a mouth-watering tuna pasta salad. Simply boil a handful of green beans for 3 to 4 minutes, then drain and leave to cool. Also, pre-cook 150g of pasta shells. Then, in a large mixing bowl, combine a can of our No Drain Tuna with ½ a finely sliced red onion and some lemon zest. Finally, add the pasta shells and some fresh rocket and give everything one final mix. Voila. A protein and carbohydrate feast that’s fit for any post workout snack.

So there you go, just two of the many ways you can combine John West Tuna with carbs to delicious effect. Check out our website for more tuna recipes.
And remember, if you want an instant hit of protein after a workout simply slip a can of our convenient No Drain Tuna into your gym bag and just go for it in the changing rooms. You might get the odd glance, but when it’s that tasty and doing you good, who cares?

The short and simple answer to ‘Is canned tuna cooked?’ is ‘yes it is!’ In fact it’s actually cooked twice, as you’ll soon find out.

From sea to deck – from boat to plate
At John West we’ve been offering you the best quality tuna since 1952 so we know more than most about the journey our tuna takes from boat to plate. One thing we can tell you, is that the journey has never been more efficient, more hygienic or more technologically advanced that it is today.

Top skills and high technology
Getting the tuna canned, so it reaches you as fresh tasting as possible, is carried out with expert skill. Once the tuna is caught, it’s quick-frozen to lock in its freshness. It is graded on arrival to ensure the tuna is of the type, size and quality demanded by our customers. It is then pre-cooked in a purpose-designed oven for 2-4 hours depending on the size of the fish, ensuring the tuna is cooked through to perfection, maintaining its succulence.

Boned, filleted canned & sealed
The next stage is for the tuna to be left to completely cool, before it is thoroughly boned, skinned and filleted by hand a by dedicated crew. Each portion of tuna is then canned in a liquid medium, such as brine, spring water or sunflower oil. The cans are then sealed.

Cooked again with extra care
After the cans of tuna have been sealed, another cooking session takes place where extremely high temperatures are reached. This is called retort cooking and happens inside giant, specially constructed pressure cookers.

And why is our tuna cooked twice? To be doubly sure that we have killed off any potential bacteria and that our fish is as good as it was when it went in, even years down the line. Finally, the cans are left to cool before being labelled and shipped to various destinations across the world. Tests and checks are carried out throughout its process to make sure the quality and safety of the product is assured.

So yes, our canned tuna is cooked, which means it’s ready to eat straight from the can – great for those of us that just can’t wait any longer to start eating it or mixing it into one of our favourite dishes. One of the most delicious convenience foods you’ll ever taste.