Are you ready to Get Yourself Shipshape?

Get Yourself Shipshape is our long-term commitment to making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible for all.

We want to encourage people to make small, realistic changes that have a big impact. Whether that’s dancing around the kitchen while the kettle boils, choosing a protein-rich snack, making time for exercise or increasing the amount you already do.

There’s never an end-goal to Get Yourself Shipshape; it’s all about little changes towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. And what better way to fuel your journey than with our nutrious fish?

To encourage you along your way, we’ve also hand-picked a Shipshape crew. They’ll be documenting their own health journeys, and inspiring the rest of us to move more, eat better, and feel great.

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Meet our Shipshape crew

We’re excited to be working with Rebecca Adlington and nine inspirational influencers from food, fitness and lifestyle backgrounds who will be sharing their Shipshape journey. Follow their progress and get inspired to make healthier, active choices.

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Forever inspired by @whatkdeats snack art 🦉 Hoo’s making this with their little ones?

- oat cakes
- @johnwestuk Immunity tuna steak
- cucumber
- carrot
- black grapes or black olives 

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Today’s reminder ☝️ We’re all about making good food choices that nourish and lift your mind, body and soul 💚

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@siyas_mummys_kitchen has rolled out all the stops with these delicious looking tuna, broccoli and potato patties. 

These are fab as a quick lunch for the whole family using our 30% lower salt range with a bright and crunchy salad (or cucumber sticks for little ones!). 

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Add flavour to any recipe in a matter of minutes using our Infusions tuna in Basil, Lemon & Thyme or Chilli & Garlic. 

Now available in @bm_stores!

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Shout out to tuna for being so versatile, look at all the amazing creations you've tagged us in 🙌

It all starts with just one of our Tuna Fridge Pots. No drain, no mess and an impressive 32g of protein per serving. 

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