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Steam Pots TV – a behind the scenes glimpse
By Old Sam

A few years ago, when I’d return home from a fishing trip even my wife would barely recognize me – until I’d trimmed the old beard anyway. Nowadays though, since I started appearing in the John West commercials, I’ve been recognized by all kinds of folk. It’s really rather nice.

So, by way of a little thank you I’ve put together this film of my latest TV adventure. You can watch it on the video above but there were some tales, which weren’t caught on camera.

Regrettably, I failed to capture the hilarious moment when most of the film crew suffered from seasickness. I comforted some by telling them an old fisherman’s trick was to rub ice on their nose. I’ll admit now that doing this does nothing for seasickness but watching 4 grown men rub ice on their noses made my day fly by.

The commercial was all filmed in the beautiful country of Montenegro. A place I would happily return to as the people were tremendously friendly and the scenery was as dramatic as it gets. Also you get to see random dogs like this one wandering about!






During the filming of the commercial my friend, Alberto Gianni, must have kissed the crew about 200 times. Still, knowing him that’s probably an average day. He’s a very friendly chap Alberto; he’s just not the sort of bloke you want to get stuck at sea in a small cabin with for 5 weeks.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video.

Until next time, take care.

Old Sam



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