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Say No to Samewiches
By Old Sam

Say No to Samewiches

Lunchtime.  It’s a time for checking emails, scoffing sandwiches and sadly, often the lowlight of our culinary day.  Here at John West, we’ve decided that enough is enough.  We’re sick of hearing about soggy sarnies and paltry pasta pots.  Limp cheese, haggard ham and lackluster margarine aren’t worthy of sandwiches; they’re worthy of scorn, and your lunchtime deserves better.

We knew that our fish could be the perfect accompaniment to any lunch break, and we wanted to find a way of making it as easy to prepare as it is satisfying to eat.  We’ve consulted experts from Manchester to Mexico, and together we’ve created six delicious “spreadables”, with flavours ranging from classics like tuna mayo sweetcorn, to more adventurous choices, like mackerel with wholegrain mustard.

You see, we envision a future for the humble sandwich.  One where the last bite is as moreish as the first, where the bread is a foundation for greatness, and where the filling can be both delicious and hassle-free.  So put away the cheese, head to your nearest supermarket, and make a decision that will change the course of your mealtimes forever. Say no to samewiches, and don’t give up on lunchtime.

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A range of six delicious fillers with the perfect texture to make sensational sandwiches quick and easy.

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