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John West Steam Pot TV launch
By Old Sam

I have exciting news. Our new John West Steam Pots are not only in shops and on 1000s of people’s work desks ready for lunch but now they are also on TV. What’s more so is my good friend Alberto Gianni. On TV that is. He’s not sitting on your desk at work – not that I’d put that past him.

You’ll get to see a lot more of Alberto in the commercial itself. You’ll also understand why I say he’s perhaps a little more kiss kiss than couscous. I think it’s fair to say that he’d describe John West Steam Pots as lip smacking.

Personally, I describe them as simply delicious. They combine our popular Tuna Infusions with an individual pot of flavorsome couscous. All you need to do is add a little boiling water, wait for the couscous to fluff and you can tuck in to this tasty pot of joy anywhere you please.

I’m enjoying one right now. It may be rude to talk with your mouth full but typing, I believe, is okay. The Steam Pot I’m having is an oriental inspired soy & ginger Tuna Infusions with mushroom couscous and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Mind you, the other four flavours are equally tasty. And just so that you know, they are:

• Lemon & thyme Tuna Infusions with tomato & black olive couscous
• Chilli & garlic Tuna Infusions with spicy red pepper couscous
• Coriander & cumin Tuna Infusions with lime and coriander couscous
• Basil Tuna Infusions with sun-dried tomato couscous

Anyway, look out for the ad on TV but if you really can’t wait you can also watch it right now on the video above.

Old Sam

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