What is Cod Roe?

Roe of cod (fish eggs, in other words) is caviar’s lesser known cousin, but no less delicious for it. Perfect both on a cracker and as a versatile ingredient for a larger dish, John West’s tinned cod roe is a great addition to any fish lover’s cupboard (and a great way of getting in some Vitamin B12).


Cod roe is low in fat, and high in all manner of goodness, from vitamins D and B12 to omega-3 fatty acids. Our bodies need fatty acids to function effectively by improving cardiovascular performance, promoting brain health, and reducing inflammation. Its high selenium content also helps protect cells and fight off infections.

The sustainability challenges facing the global seafood industry are extremely complex, and we’re on a sustainability journey to drive positive change. Our parent company, Thai Union, reports on our progress in our annual Sustainability Report, as well as on the dedicated SeaChange® website. Through good governance, transparency, and partnership initiatives, we’re committed to sustainable fishing, making sure our oceans can be home to fish for future generations to enjoy. Cod roe carrying the blue MSC label is certified sustainable.