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Pole & Line

“Pole-and-Line” fishing usually means a particular type of rod and line fishing in which fish are attracted to the surface with bait.

Purse seine – FAD

A Fish Aggregating Device, or FAD, is simply a floating object that attracts tuna. Most of the purse seiners catching John West’s tuna deploy non-entangling FADs which reduce the risk of catching endangered species.

Purse seine – FAD FREE

No FADs are used and purse seiners target free-swimming schools of tuna.


A label of Pole & Line or FAD free does not necessarily mean that the fish is sourced from a sustainable fishery; these are just fishing methods; one element of the supply chain. 

MSC certification assesses all elements of the supply chain, including fishing method, so it provides a holistic view of the sustainability of a fishery.

That's why our partners at WWF consider the MSC standard to be the most credible certification scheme and are supporting us on our journey to achieving MSC certification across all the seafood we sell.

The principles of MSC are:

  1. Sustainable fish stocks
  2. Impact on the ecosystem reduced to a minimum
  3. Effective fishery management​

Also, seafood that has an MSC label is fully traceable back to the certified fishery where it was caught.

Read more about WWF's position on fishing methods.

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Discover the story behind your can

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The John West story

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