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Responsible Sourcing What is Bycatch?

Bycatch, or the unintentional catch of non-targeted species, is an important issue for us at John West. However, every fishing technique carries some risk of bycatch. 

Thai Union (our parent company) has invested significantly in research and innovation to minimise bycatch to the lowest level possible. We are proud of the progress to date but we are determined to keep working to reduce it further. 

The design of the various FADs used allows us to focus on our target species – skipjack tuna – with a high degree of accuracy. All fishing methods carry a risk of bycatch but, by strictly limiting the number of FADs and by encouraging the deployment of non-entangling FADs, we can reduce the risk of catch of endangered species from 0.5% currently to less than 0.05%.

When occasionally a shark or other endangered species is caught in the nets or lands on the decks of the boats supplying us, the crews are specifically trained to release the animal immediately and return it to the water unharmed.

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Discover the story behind your can

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