Traceability is key

Traceability and sustainable fishing is the key to improving the transparency and operational practices of the entire seafood industry. It allows us to monitor the operations, actions and labour conditions of our suppliers. With traceability in place we can track every product – from catch to consumption and are committed to making sure our fish are responsibly sourced so that the seas are sustainable now and for future generations – which is the global commitment made by our parent company Thai Union.

To find out more about where all our wild caught seafood comes from, you can read the Thai Union Sourcing Transparency report for Europe.

John West UK
John West UK


Our Parent Company, Thai Union have made a global sustainable tuna commitment that all branded tuna will be responsibly sourced from fisheries that are either Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified or engaged in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to move them towards MSC fish certification. The aim is to achieve a minimum of 75 percent by the end of 2020.

As a brand, John West will contribute towards achieving our company global goals – we have been named the winner of the MSC UK Canned Brand of the Year every year since 2017.

Please see below to find what MSC and FIPs are, or visit the SeaChange website to find out more on our parent company’s global tuna commitment.


When a fishery decides to move toward MSC certification, it may be aware that improvements need to be made before it can achieve the standard. In this situation, the fishery can enter into a FIP, where key stakeholders (such as fishing companies, Governments, fishery managers) in the fishery commit to improve their practices to ensure fish stocks are sustainable, responsibly sourced, environmental impacts are minimised, and that the fishery is effectively managed.

To find out more about what FIPs are please see here

Our other sustainable fishing commitments

John West UK


John West have been awarded the ‘Dolphin Safe’ certification by the Earth Island Institute (EII), an internationally recognised NGO that has established the world’s largest private environmental monitoring programme aimed at protecting and preserving dolphins. John West is recognised as ‘Dolphin Safe’ by the EII, providing dolphin-friendly tuna.

John West UK


Thai Union is a founding member of the ISSF and strongly support its initiatives. ISSF’s mission is to support and facilitate science-based initiatives for the long terms conservation and sustainable fishing use of global tuna stocks. Any large scale purse seine fishing vessel that Thai Union source from has to be listed on the ISSF’s Proactive Vessel Register (PVR). The PVR enables tuna vessel owners to identify themselves as active participants in meaningful sustainability efforts, such as implementing specific best practices.

John West UK

Ocean Plastics & Marine Debris

John West and its parent company Thai Union has been committed to working with communities to help combat marine ocean pollution for a number of years. In 2018, Thai Union has become a member of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and is working on a program to tackle marine plastic. To find out more about Thai Unions commitment to combatting marine ocean pollution please click here.