White crab meat has long been celebrated as a delicacy, second only to lobster in its luxury status. But aside from its tender texture and delicate, delicious flavour, tinned crab meat also has a host of nutritional benefits. A low fat- and high Omega-3 content, to name just a few.


Not only is crab delicious, it is low in calories and packed with high-quality lean protein, which is important when maintaining and building muscle mass.

Crab is an extremely popular food choice among seafood lovers who will be delighted to know that it also packs a hefty nutritional punch. High in protein, it boasts lower levels of saturated fat than other meats, and while all shellfish are a good source of selenium, crab is especially rich in this powerful, body-protecting antioxidant.

Crab is high in lean protein and low in fat, making it an excellent choice for anybody who’s keeping a close eye on their calories. A high-protein diet is recommended for weight loss because it boosts metabolism, enhances muscle growth, and reduces hunger levels.