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Mackerel Recipes

John West Mackerel is rich in healthy Omega 3, packed with flavour and brimming with versatility. Take a look at our nutritious Mackerel recipes and see for yourself just how many tasty starters, scrumptious snacks and mouth-watering main meals you can create in your kitchen. And because we bring you Mackerel in a variety of deliciously different ways, like our mackerel salad recipe or our smoked mackerel kedgeree recipe and other dishes that include Steam Cooked, Smoked, Grilled and Peppered, there are even more appetising things you can do with it. All our ideas are fairly quick and simple to prepare which makes Mackerel one of the most versatile, inexpensive and convenient foods in your cupboard.


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There's No Mess With Our No Drain

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