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One A Week: Delicious Recipes to Help Maintain a Healthy Heart

What we eat can have a big effect on our cholesterol levels.  To mark National Cholesterol Month, we have teamed up with HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, to launch a unique set of recipes designed to inspire families to better heart-health choices. 

The #OneAWeek recipe guide, which is free to download, includes 21 breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions that encourage diners to factor in the recommended one portion of oily fish to their diets per week. Small changes, such as including just one portion of oily fish in your diet each week, can play a big role in your body’s healthy development and function.

From vibrant Mackerel Kedgeree to the more traditional Salmon Sandwiches, the recipes offer tips on how to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, whilst enjoying a varied and healthy diet. 

Download a recipe guide here and enjoy some mealtime inspiration from John West and HEART UK!

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Discover the story behind your can

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