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Sandwich Week inspired by John West
By Simon – Ship’s Cook

Sandwich Week inspired by John West

We all love a good tuna sarnie, but they don’t have to be the same every time. That’s why we’re celebrating sandwich week with a little list that’ll inspire you to switch up your sandwich. Now stop drooling, and get making!



Tropical Sandwich.
Any bread will do for this, but we prefer a farmhouse bloomer. Prepare your tuna however you like it (mayo, olive oil, pesto) then add as much colour as you can. Shredded lettuce, grated carrots, yellow peppers – as long as it’s bright, you can’t go wrong!

SomeFin Different
For this one, you have to make a sandwich with anything but bread. Try mixing tuna with mayo, diced onions and beans and then rolling it up inside a tortilla wrap, or spreading it across some rye bread.

Naked Tuna
The open sandwich doesn’t quite get the praise it deserves. Heat a little olive oil in a pan, and lay a slice of bread in there until it goes nice and crispy. Then top with cream cheese, spring onions, tuna and a gooey boiled egg, lovely.

The Schooner
If you’re feeling hungry, this one’s for you. Get your hands on a big baguette, slice it, then add baby gem lettuce, sliced red onions, black olives and of course a very liberal helping of tuna mayo. Hunger, be gone!

Bag a Bagel
Nothing beats tasty tuna mayonnaise on a warm toasted bagel. It’s as simple as it sounds, but we suggest putting a little lettuce, cucumber and tomato on the bagel before the tuna goes on, yum.

Tuna Meltdown
Everyone has their own take on this classic, here’s ours. Pop two slices of bread under the grill. Just as they’re crisping up, top with tuna, sliced red onion and loads grated cheese. Once the cheese goes all bubbly, you’re good to go.

The Big Kahuna Tuna
Do you know what’s better than a tuna sandwich? A really really big tuna sandwich. Get some thick brown bread, add some baby gem lettuce and loads of tuna mayo (made up however you like it). Close the sandwich with another bit of bread and then do the whole thing over again! That’s right, we’re making a triple decker sandwich full of juicy tuna and crunchy lettuce. This one isn’t for the peckish my friends, it’s for the famished. 


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