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Making the Most out of Mackerel
By John West

Making the Most out of Mackerel

Mackerel is a firm favourite here at John West; it’s tasty, versatile, and counts as an oily fish. It’s important to get oily fish into our diet at least once a week, but with the busy lives we all lead, that’s easier said than done. But even if a sit-down dinner is off the agenda, there are multiple opportunities throughout the day to up your oily-intake. We’ve taken four delicious John West Mackerel products, and shown you how they can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, snack-time and dinner.


Using: Mackerel Fillets in Sundried Tomato & Basil Sauce

Mackerel and tomato go together like chips and gravy, and they’re bloomin’ great on toast. This quick, two-minute meal is perfect for busy mornings when you barely have time to sit down to eat. To up the protein-ante, and to add a contrasting flavour to the mix, consider either poaching or scrambling an egg, and layering it on top of the mackerel.


Using: Mackerel Fillets in Sweet Chilli Sauce

The key to the best office lunch is making it quick and easy. Nobody wants to spend five minutes in the kitchen constructing an elaborate meal while colleagues wait for a bit of counter-space. That’s why these John West Mackerel mixes are so perfect. Mackerel Fillets in Sweet Chilli Sauce, for instance, go perfectly in a wrap (just shove a bit of lettuce in there for texture), or tossed with plain, microwaveable noodles for a Thai-inspired desk lunch that’ll leave you satisfied and energised.


Using: Mackerel Fillets in Mexican Style Sauce

We all find ourselves wistfully thinking of junk food during afternoons, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tasty, healthy alternatives out there. For the ultimate hunger-cure, empty these Mexican-style fillets in a bowl, break them up with a fork and load the dip onto tortilla crisps. Ideal for 3pm cravings, and perfect to share with your office mates.


Using: Mackerel Fillets in Korma Style Sauce

Lastly, if you do find yourself with a bit of time for a ‘proper’ dinner, our Mackerel Fillets in Korma Sauce are actually the ideal basis for a curry. And this is a curry anyone could whip up - just boil a bag of rice, heat up some naan, and microwave the mackerel fillets in a sauce pan, breaking up the fish into bite-sized chunks. Voila. Dinner is served.

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