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Introducing John West Steam Pots
By Old Sam

Introducing John West Steam Pots

At John West we first started providing you with the very best Tuna in the 1950’s and we’ve been bringing it to you in new, tasty and exciting ways ever since then. We were one of the first people to offer it to our customers in brine and more recently, to offer you a No Drain Tuna, which means all the taste with none of the mess. So as you can see, breaking new ground with the best Tuna the sea has to offer has become something of a habit.

Our latest innovation in Tuna is literally one good idea on top of another. It’s called John West Steam Pots and it uses our fairly recent taste sensation of Tuna Infusions and transforms it into a whole range of instantly satisfying hot lunches.

A meal in minutes
As the name suggests, John West Steam Pots are a great choice of flavour-packed meals that you can make in minutes by simply adding boiling water.  Each one features a delicious combination of our Infusions Tuna with perfectly seasoned couscous to create a fast and filling lunch that’s also warm and flavoursome.

Quick, convenient and very tasty
All you have to do is switch on a kettle and in next to no time, you have a ‘steaming pot’ of taste bud tantalising Tuna and couscous to tuck into. Simply add the boiling water to the pot of couscous, wait 5 minutes for it to ‘fluff’, and then mix in the pot of Tuna. It’s a Tuna innovation that’s as delicious as it is clever. It’s also very convenient. Simple and quick enough to prepare in the office kitchen and enjoy at your desk, or easy enough to make at home and enjoy in front of the TV.

A great line up of flavour combinations
And typical of John West, we’ve put as much thought, care and effort into the variety and flavour combinations of our new Steam Pots as we have into the actual idea itself. That’s why you can choose from a very tasty and extremely varied line up: there’s a Mediterranean style Steam Pot with Tuna Infusions Basil and Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous, spicy Steam Pot with Tuna Infusions Chilli & Garlic and Red Pepper Couscous, oriental style Steam Pot with Tuna Infusions Soy & Ginger and Mushroom Couscous, light and zesty Steam Pot with Tuna Infusions Lemon & Thyme and Tomato & Black Olive Couscous and finally, an eastern influenced Steam Pot with Tuna Infusions Coriander & Cumin and Lime & Coriander Couscous.

Phew, that’s quite an array of themes, tastes and flavours to go at, so you’re sure to find a John West Tuna Infusions Steam Pot that you’ll warm to. Click here to find out more or visit your nearest supermarket and find out for yourself why our latest Tuna innovation is our tastiest yet!

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Recent Comments

Just tried the Red Pepper couscous with chilli and garlic tuna, its was amazing

nicky, posted January 27, 2014

Coriander & Cumin and Lime & Coriander Couscous, so so yummy I very much prefer these to other snack pots Ive tried

Robyn, posted January 28, 2014

Love these! so yummy and filling, great for the office lunch

Nicole, posted March 25, 2014

mmmmmm just having the coriander n cumin & lime n coriander couscous one now, mmmmm versy tasty n nice n filling to

jo picton, posted April 7, 2014

I practically live on these. Working in a garage, the steam pots are a ideal source of sustenance for lunch. Quick and easy, no fuss food. Absolutely brilliant. Nice one!

Rej, posted April 7, 2014

Simply .......... YUMMY!! Would have given 5 stars....... But the cost is just too much!

Lisa Bourke, posted April 8, 2014

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