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Brand New John West Spreadables
By Old Sam

Brand New John West Spreadables

It’s time to start spreading the word about brand new Spreadables, the latest innovation from John West. We’ve been bringing you great ideas in fish for over 150 years and there’s no sign of us running out of fresh inspiration. Check out our deliciously different new Spreadables for yourself and you’ll soon see what we mean. This is one of our tastiest ideas yet. And that’s saying something!

Satisfyingly Spreadable
As you can probably guess from the name, Spreadables is a range of six delicious fillers with the perfect texture to make sensational sandwiches quick and easy. Don’t think just sandwiches though as Spreadables have been specially created to promise plenty of spreadability and loads of versatility. And they couldn’t be quicker nor easier as they come in single serve 80g ring pull cans.

A range of flavours from across the world
Flavour wise, John West have cast the net wide to bring you a choice of mouthwatering combinations that will have your tastebuds tingling in anticipation. There’s, Tuna Mild Curry, Tuna Mediterranean and Tuna Mexican style, plus Mackerel Wholegrain Mustard, Salmon Yoghurt & Mint and not to forget the classic Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn

The Spreadables range treats you to a taste sensation every time.  From the classic to the exotic, from the fresh to the fiery, you will have a great time finding your favourite. Or should we say flavourite.

Don’t stop at sandwiches…
And to make the most of all those wonderful flavours, there are plenty of ways to enjoy our Spreadables too. They’re simply perfect for filling sandwiches wraps, muffins and bagels, but they’re also ideal for spreading on hot toast and crunchy crackers, or using as a dip for loading up a breadstick.

By now you’re probably eager to get your hands on our Spreadables, so we suggest you head for your nearest supermarket where they’re already on the shelves. And we’ll be spreading the news soon as we launch in more stores across the country.

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